Enjoy a high tech recovery massage with dynamic compression for legs, arms or hips and glutes while

relaxing in our electric recliners.

NormaTec compression helps to:
✽ enhance healthy circulation
✽ decrease muscle soreness and fatigue
✽ increase flexibility
✽ speed up recovery

✽ warm up prior to exercise
✽ promote relaxation

ORA has four NormaTec devices to cater for groups

and teams. 



Discover the advantages of cold water therapy!  The benefits of cold water therapy are not limited only to athletic recovery and injury treatment.


Benefits include:

✽ weight loss and increased metabolism

✽ de-stressing and improving mood

✽ immune system regulation

✽ improved sleep

✽ reduction of muscle soreness

✽ improved athletic performance in hot weather

Our ice bath is kept clean and hygienic with an inbuilt computer which continuously monitors the water.

Supercharge the benefits of your session by learning about the Wim Hof Method.

Relax, recover and reap the benefits of heat therapy. 

Infrared sauna benefits include:

✽ detoxification
✽ reducing stress and fatigue
✽ improve sleep
✽ muscle aches, stiffness and joint relief
✽ weight loss and increased metabolism
✽ immune system boost
✽ wound healing and pain relief
✽ improve skin conditions and cellulite

Our full spectrum infrared sauna is located in its own room so you can enjoy your session in privacy listening to your favorite music or podcast via blue tooth speakers. Or invite a friend or two - our sauna fits up to four people making it an ideal opportunity to share your wellness session with friends.

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